Why do I think I won the title ‘Leisure Agent of the year’

Last Thursday I was crowned ‘leisure agent of the year’ at the prestigious Travel Weekly Agent Achievement Awards in London

I was shocked when I was nominated back in April, then when I found out I was a finalist several weeks later I was gobsmacked! 8 agents across the U.K. were shortlisted and interviewed by a panel of judges in early June . It was then an agonising wait til the finals on 14th  July to find out if I’d won.

Vernon Kay hosted the ceremony at the Park Plaza, London .I was sat right at the back and had convinced myself I hadn’t won and I had to wait the longest as my award category was the last one to be announced!

When they announced I’d won I couldn’t believe it! After collecting my award on the stage there were lots of interviews and photographs followed by video calls to my hubby & my parents.

To say I’m emotional is an understatement, every time I think about it or watch the video back I cry!

Link to video https://youtu.be/lXP0watIf6c watch my winning moment here

Why do I think I won?

Link to video https://youtu.be/d2lVcVe1iO0

This is a copy of the Facebook Live I did last week after the ceremony, it explains why I think I won and what it means to me

What does it mean to me?

The highlight of my career so far. I feel I have been recognised for the many years hard work.

My business survived through COVID, the worst time I’ve ever experienced and has come out the other side with huge success and now I have the accolade of ‘leisure agent of the year’

Thank you for supporting me. Even if you haven’t booked with me yet but you share my offers or tell your friends about me I appreciate it more than you will ever know

I’d like to thank my hubby for being my biggest cheerleader, supporting me through the tough times and celebrating my successes.

Thank you to my friends,family,suppliers and colleagues for all your support in many different ways.

Thank you to the Holiday Village family, in particular the ladies in the admin team who send out all your paperwork and look after you if I’m not available.

I could not do this without you all


Here’s looking forward to many more years of making happy memories and turning your travel dreams into a reality

Leisure agent of the year

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