Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to me and I only take information that is necessary to complete your travel arrangements. I do not pass on your details to anyone not related to your booking at any time. I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

I am responsible for data collection. By acting as your agent I am required to pass relevant information to your travel suppliers and The Holiday Village to enable the completion of your travel arrangements. As an agent for The Holiday Village customer data is stored in a central database but not used for any marketing. My suppliers and administration team are all GDPR compliant.

Only essential information is stored. Data is stored on a computer, telephone (password and virus protected) and in a paper filing system (in a locked cabinet). If my laptop or other paper documents are taken away from my office they are kept with me at all times. Some information is destroyed immediately after use (eg passports/payment card details) other information may be stored for up to 6 years in accordance with ICO compliance. Old paper records are held securely in a locked filing cabinet, whilst electronic files are stored on a password protected computer.

Information held on paper is destroyed by shredding.

Clients can access their records by written request without charge in accordance with ICO compliance requirements.

When you book your holiday your email address is used to send you countdown newsletters and other information that may be necessary or useful. You can opt out of my newsletter subscription at any time (link on the newsletter).

Any breach will be reported to the ICO in accordance with their regulations

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