You’re in safe hands – Ten reasons to book with me

I’m often asked ‘why should I book with you?’

Now more than ever people are seeing the benefits of booking their travel plans with a human being instead of a faceless website, even Eamon Holmes agrees ‘travel agents were seen as the past, now they’re the future’

  1. I ensure you are confident with travel requirements and help you navigate your way through the tests and forms needed to travel
  2. I listen to what YOU want from YOUR holiday and match a holiday to meet YOUR needs.
  3. You can contact me whenever you have any questions and you will be given a 24/7 contact in case you need help whilst you’re away
  4. Quite often I’m the same price as booking online, sometimes I’m cheaper however what price can you put on peace of mind and years of knowledge? I have had customers come to me in tears when they’ve lost money in a scam or booked the wrong thing.My service to you is FREE, my suppliers pay me a commission when you travel
  5. I love getting to know you, after looking after people for years I know what they like and some customers have turned into close friends
  6. I save you time! The average person spends 60 hours researching their holiday before booking! Who has time for that these days?? I know where to look and will take the headache out of planning
  7. I will be honest, if I think its not right I will tell you. I may suggest alternative options you hadn’t considered. This happened recently with a couple’s trip to Madeira, not somewhere they had though of but they loved it!
  8. I care! something a laptop definitely doesn’t do.
  9. I work with The Holiday Village– a family business for over 60 years, my admin team ensure all your documents are correct and provide assistance if I’m away
  10. I appreciate your business. I am self employed and independent, I never take your business for granted. In turn I try to support small businesses too
  11. I couldn’t leave this one out- I support the wonderful Me and Dee charity. Every time you book with me I donate to this fabulous small charity, take a look at their website

so there are my top ten reasons (and one bonus!) Don’t just take my word for it, check out some of my customer reviews


Wendy is very competent and instils confidence in your booking.
Very kind and knowledgeable – nothing like having a direct number home to someone that can help if needed. Carole Martin Nov ’21
With all the changing restrictions, we weren’t sure whether to bother with a holiday in 2021. After speaking to Wendy she reassured us that it was quite straight forward and provided lots of helpful links & information to guide us. The holiday itself was exactly what we asked for, lovely hotel, location & weather ✈️☀️🍻 Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wendy and we’ll definitely be using you for future holidays. Thank you xx Erica Drakeley Oct ’21
Wendy has the greatest understanding of needs, is emphatic and caring. A holiday is a personal experience, a place to make memories.
I reached out to Wendy at the last minute after a holiday we had arranged was cancelled. In no time at all, we had booked and with a much better deal than with the first. Maria Hanson Oct ’21



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