Where’s your favourite holiday destination? Here’s a few of my favourite places

I’m often asked ‘where is the best place you’ve been?’

I always struggle to answer as I have been to lots of wonderful places and they all appeal to me for different reasons. So here are my top ten-not in order of favouritism though!

  1. Iceland- wow was that cold! I loved the scenery, the total starkness and difference to what I’ve seen before. I loved seeing the whales and seeing the Northern lights was a highlight.
  2. Vegas- up to now I’ve been 11 times and no I’m not a gambler! I tend to go every couple of years as there will always be something new. It’s an adults heaven- eat in fabulous restaurants, see shows, dance in nightclubs, chill by the pool, go shopping and explore some spectacular scenery nearby (oh and gamble a little!)
  3. Kenya- seeing elephants, lions etc in their natural habitat is truly special. Add on a gorgeous beach with spectacular starry skies and delicious food for perfection.
  4. UK- I’ve had some amazing holidays in this country. I love exploring our countryside and seaside, Yorkshire is amongst my favourites. Last year I was there when there was a meteor shower- I will always remember seeing shooting stars in the pitch black sky- just wonderful!
  5. I love USA road trips and have been lucky to complete quite a few. Route 66 (all the way!) Seattle to San Francisco, Boston, Cape Cod and New England, Memphis to New Orleans, California, Florida Keys are some of the trips I’ve enjoyed.
  6. Cruises- I’ve cruised quite a few times, memorable ones include the islands of Hawaii, New York to the Bahamas and recently the Norwegian Fjords.
  7. Doggy holidays- this should be number one really! When I had my beloved doggy we travelled to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales! He loved a run on the beach, he went on open top buses and steam trains. Special memories and I miss my doggy travels.
  8. City break- I love Bruges and have been lots of times, it’s even better at Xmas for the markets. I’ve also been to; Barcelona, Madrid, Venice, Rome, Split, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, New York, Prague, Luxembourg, Milan and of course London.
  9. Theatre break- I love going to the theatre and have been lucky to see several shows in London, New York and Las Vegas! Closer to home Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham have some excellent shows and I try to stay over if I can.
  10. How can I choose? Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Monte Carlo, Ireland, Malaysia and I’m sure there are other places I’ve forgotten about.

As you can see I’m not a lie on the beach type, I love to explore and I’ve still got lots on my ‘to do list’

Where’s next? Thailand, Madeira, Riga, Bruges, Reykjavik, 2 more cruises, London theatre break are all booked and in my diary for the next 12 months. I’m also hoping to fit in a trip to Croatia and Northern Ireland. You know I’ll tell you all about it 😉

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