The world is open

After what has been the worst 18 months in my 30+ year career I’m happy to say that it finally looks like travel is back.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had clients in Dubai,Croatia,Lisbon,Holland,Malta and Majorca. It’s fab to actually see people on holiday having a lovely time.

Yes there may be a couple of online forms to complete but its really not as bad as people sometimes think, and booking with me ensures I help you every step of the way. The introduction of lateral flow tests instead of PCR tests at the end of this month should make things even easier. It’s bonkers busy and people can’t wait to get out exploring again.

Looking for autumn or winter sunshine? The Canary Islands, Madeira, Cyprus and Malta are a few of the popular destinations at this time of year, further afield the Caribbean, Thailand or Indian Ocean provide fabulous weather and something for everyone.

Christmas Markets are back this year, again with people missing out last year there’s huge demand. I can arrange breaks in the UK or abroad- Budapest,Vienna,Prague and Berlin are just a few of the popular ones abroad.

I’m also making lots of bookings for 2022 and even some for 2023, most of my offers are posted on  my Facebook page/groups but if you’re looking for something specific please do get in touch

Of course it’s important to remember to check the entry requirements for the destination you may be interested in , especially if you are not fully vaccinated

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