Bali, wonderful for a honeymoon. Culture, temples and so much more!

Bali will always be special as we enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon there in October 2019.
Our Bali adventure began in Ubud, the cultural centre of the island around 1.5 hours from the airport by car.
You can visit the monkey forest, lots of temples, paddy fields, volcanoes, coffee plantations and shop for local handicrafts including pottery and wood carving.
There’s lots of good value places to eat, local food including roast pork, rice (of course!) and delicious satay ( a peanut based sauce)

Our second destination was Sanur, one of the original beach resorts. We stayed at a beachfront hotel which was great as we could walk to all the local bars,restaurants, shops etc. Nightlife is low key with some bars playing music but most of these finished by 1030pm. The beach has a boardwalk lined with hotels, restaurants and some bars.
The beach is mainly sandy,the tide meant that at times the water wasn’t deep enough to swim for some distance from shore. We wnjoyed a sea floor walk, they take you to a platform in the sea and put a diving helmet on you which is attached to an airline. You then descend to the sea floor to watch the fish at the reef, a different experience and not too expensive to try- no diving skills necessary!
We enjoyed another day out exploring a silver factory, water palace, waterfalls and water gardens
Our final destination was the cliff top resort of Uluwatu, famed for surfing and stunning sunsets. Our hotel was exceptional, built on the hillside we had to take over 600 steps down to the beach but we chose to enjoy our private pool instead.
We visited a surfers beach which again had over 200 steps to get to, a good tip is to take swim shoes as there are lots of stones in the water!

Travel tips
Bali is generally great valaue but you need to add around 20% to the cost of everything to cover tax and service charges
Take plenty of mosquito repellent
Plugs vary in hotels, take a multi adapter
Hotels provide free bottles water- check they are sealed when purchased elsewhere
Bartering is expected in small shops and markets
best buys- carvings, wood,silver,stone,clothing,macrame
try the local food- we never had a bad meal!

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