Media appearances and latest travel advice

I’ve had a busy few days appearing on radio and TV answering questions regarding travelling at the moment with Coronavirus restrictions. BBC Radio Derby on Sunday morning, BBC Radio Sheffield Monday afternoon,ITV News Central Monday evening, BBC News Tuesday morning on BBC1, BBC Look North Tuesday evening and more radio appearances booked in for tomorrow! Its lovely to know my knowledge is appreciated and that I am trusted to provide honest advice.

Information is changing so fast, even I struggle to keep up.It’s at times like this people really see the value of using a trusted travel agent like myself. Many of us were answering customer questions at 10pm on Saturday evening! We ensure you are given advise, options and you can actually speak to someone 🙂

I think if you are planning to travel anywhere this year you need to be aware that your plans may change possible at the last minute or whilst you’re away. Its vital to follow FCO advice for the destination you’re travelling to and keep an eye on your travel supplier’s website for updates. It’s also really important that you have a good travel insurance in place at the time you book your trip.

If you want to catch up with my latest appearances here they are – or you can pop over to my Youtube channel …………………….

ITV News Central on 27 July 2020

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BBC1 on 28 July 2020

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