Flying with Air France

I’ve just returned from a work trip to Vienna
As I didn’t want to drive to Heathrow I chose to fly Air France from BHX via CDG
This was my first time with AF and I was impressed
When I completed my online check-in 24hrs before I was offered an upgrade to business class which I took advantage of
This gave me fast track through the airport , access to the airport lounge and priority boarding / disembarkation. Time was tight with only an hour to change terminals ( a huge airport) so being able to disembark quickly made a big difference
Seats were no bigger but the middle seat isn’t used, business class pax are served a meal and drinks ( I had to try the champagne!)
On the sectors I flew economy I paid a little extra for legroom seats
Economy pax free drink and a sandwich – a pleasant change
They provide free WIFI onboard ( economy class too) handy for sending messages ( full internet access payable)
Seats have USB  points for charging phones etc some of the aircraft had seat back holders for iPads/phones so you don’t have to hold them to watch videos etc
The crew on all flights were very friendly
The transfer process at CDG was a little stressful I won’t lie. I had an hour and had to change terminals – it’s huge! Although my suitcase was checked through I still had to go through security again – this meant I had to bin the new tin of hairspray I’d bought at BHX!! Good job I hadn’t bought anything else. I also had to go through passport control which took more time. I did it but it was tight and anyone a bit slow on their legs would struggle
The lounge at Vienna is huge – a great space to work in with plenty of desks, comfy seats, power sockets and of course plenty of refreshment choices – hot and cold food, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
I’d definitely be happy to fly Air France again

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